What is e-med?
e-med is the first set of e-learning packages developed specifically for improving practice and knowledge in relation to mental health medicines and the safe handling of medicines. These innovative packages give the learner an essential understanding of the key elements required to use mental health medicines safely and effectively.

Who is e-med for?
e-med is a set of e-learning packages currently aimed at three targeted groups:
Inpatient Mental Health Nurses
Community Mental Health Nurses
Care workers (e.g. Allied health professionals, social workers & support workers)
e-med for junior doctors is in development

What subject areas are covered?
Safe & secure handling of medicines
‘Mood stabilisers’
Medicines used in dementia
Physical monitoring of mental health medicines
Smoking and alcohol
A quiz to aid learning and test understanding.

A combination of scenario based questions and quizzes to aid learning and test understanding is used. The user works through the package at their own pace, allowing the to complete it in multiple sessions.

e-med could become part of your induction process or refreshers to ensure new staff are know the standards expected of them in relation to medicines.