We have measures in place to keep your information safe but it is important that you also play your part – visit the government’s ‘Get Safe Online’ website for advice on how to do this (

Information you enter into the app is not transmitted from the app to any server unless you request this by using the “Send Report” (via email) option. When you use this function the information is transmitted over the open internet without encryption (using ‘SMTP’) and sent to you and your health professional but not the NHS Trust. There is a small risk that this information might be intercepted because of problems with your device, the recipients’ email systems or the connection between the app and the recipients’ email systems. To minimise this risk you should keep your anti-virus/spyware software up to date on all devices you use and you should ask your health professional to do the same.

The app is assigned a unique number when installed on your device which enables the NHS Trust to monitor usage. Usage data sent from the app to a server does not include your personal data but might include usage data relating to your device as well as the app itself, for example the operating system version used on your phone (e.g. iOS7). No link is made between your personal data and this information about your device and usage of the app. By using the app you agree to this information being collected from your phone. Usage data is used by the NHS Trust to improve the design, functionality and performance of the app and is stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act. The NHS Trust will not have access to your Personal Data.

If you change your device’s operating system (e.g. ‘jail-break’ your device) then your Personal Data may be at risk and to the extent permissible by law the liability provisions above will apply to any loss you may suffer.